First Canadian circumnavigation of the globe by helicopter

The C150 Global Odyssey (C150GO) is the brainchild of Bob and Steven Dengler, a father-son team with a passion for aviation, adventure, and their home and native land: Canada. C150GO is the world’s first Canadian around-the-world helicopter flight, and the first ever father-son global circumnavigation.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, the all-Canadian crew – composed of Bob, Steven and helicopter ace Rob ‘Dugal’ MacDuff – will fly a Canadian-made Bell 429 Global Ranger helicopter over 38,000 km in just over one month. Starting in the nation’s capital on July 1, 2017 and zigzagging the globe, the crew will visit more than 100 airports in 14 countries as they travel the world.

Mensa Canada is proud to count Steven among its members, and we hope you’ll follow his team’s progress on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re near one of their scheduled stops, come out and say hello!