A Relationship Between Quantum Physics and Classical Physics

Avner Mandelman put our brains to work, with his talk to INQUIRING MINDS on January 16, 2020, which you can watch below. During the presentation he presents a proposal on how Quantum Physics and Classical Physics might be related. This talk was very well received, being not only thought-provoking but – as you would expect from Avner – entertaining. You can watch his presentation below. 

Quantum physics has produced evidence of phenomena that break the basic rules of the nature of reality as we currently understand it. Avner mentioned various experiments and ‘thought experiments’ such as the double-slit experiment and Schrodinger’s Cat. He discussed theories and findings from various physicists such as Richard Feyman, Albert Einstein, Godel, and Hinton, among others, and proposes a “Toronto interpretation” of quantum theory (as opposed to the Copenhagen interpretation).