Exploring the World with our Minds

Exploring the world with our minds

Presentation by Professor Colin DeYoung, University of Minnesota

Intelligence is linked to the personality dimension known as Openness / Intellect.

In a zoom webinar to Toronto Mensa Inquiring Minds on 29th May 2021, hosted by Kathleen Smith, Professor DeYoung gave us a rich and comprehensive explanation of this dimension of personality and how intelligence is related to it. During the ensuing discussion, he handled a range of questions such as on creativity, teamwork, psychopathy, the impact of culture on personality development, cognitive flexibility, and brain processing speed.

Would you like to receive a summary of your own mix of personality dimensions? Below are links to two versions of Big Five Aspects Scale (BFAS) personality tests that you can complete anonymously, free of charge.

  • This test at takes approximately 15 minutes and gives a detailed description of the meaning of each dimension and its two aspects (as well as your general rating for each, such as ‘Average’).
  • This test at takes a little less time and gives you your percentile on each dimension and its two aspects. You can print each report by right-clicking on it and choosing the ‘print’ icon (that looks like, well, like a printer).