AG 2023: Connexion, July 14-16 at Hotel Alt Montréal

We want to welcome you all to the 2023 AG in Montréal this July. The event will be right downtown at the Hotel Alt, near Old Montréal, its restaurants, and bustling nightlife. As of March 15th, we have not quite finished the event schedule, but want to share some of the themes we have so far.

Please visit the official AG website to learn more and buy your tickets. Early bird pricing ends May 31st!


Jean Pinard
Deep dive into the mapping of our amazing Canadian Arctic.

Lt. Col. Gilbert McCauley (retired)
Drone use in Canada during the Canadian Forces missions in Afghanistan.

Louise Carpentier
A model for transferring knowledge.

Marine Miglianico
The importance of positive psychology. Watch her TEDx Talk!

AG 2023 logo - chain links forming the outline of a brain

English and French

There will always be at the same time a conference in English and one in French. All speakers are bilingual, so if you attend a French conference, you will be able to ask questions in English.


The game room will be open during the whole event. It’s furnished with new games provided by the many editors in Quebec. The animations and presentations schedule will be published.


The gala dinner will be animated (English and French) by memory Master François Blondin. he will introduce you to different mnemonic techniques, like the memory palace used by the Ancient Greeks.


The annual general meeting for Mensa Canada will be scheduled Sunday morning. The game room will still be open all day (an activity will be organized for younger Mensans). In the afternoon, we will take you on a tour of Old Montréal (10 minutes from the hotel). Should your kids get bored, Montréal Comiccon is happening a 20 minute walk from the hotel.


We hope you will come, and meet, network, and befriend Mensans in person in Montréal. Until then, we are hard at work to prepare an event that will make you forget these last years of virtual meetings.