I Thank My Wife for My Life

2016 Annual Literary Contest

3rd Place
Short Stories

Robert Lee Slattery
Stoney Creek, ON
Southern Ontario Chapter

Happy world so full of joys,
Brightest jewels, a pair of boys.
A world without, emptiness sad,
Trinketed pockets, always the fad.
The floor employs, the tired toys.

Dirtied hands, shirts pulled out,
Facts whisper, voices shout.
Every day you thank the sender
For bodies strong and souls tender.
There is no doubt, love’s about.

What’s in pocket, never guess.
Things in place grow less and less.
Oh how proud for you to find
You are the father of this kind.
I happily confess this success.

Run all day and test the nerve.
Imagination and fun with verve.
Never stop with joy delight
From the morning to the night.
It’s more than deserve to boys to serve.

The time has come, now to rest.
A loveable brat and cuddly pest.
So off they go and into bed,
After of course a story you’ve read.
They’ve passed the test, they’re the best.

And at last to sit with wife,
Put away tin soldier and rubber knife.
Hearts content while hands are pressing,
Thanking each other for this blessing.
I thank my wife, for my life.