What Lies In The Unknown

2021 Annual Literary Contest

2nd Place

Kalyssa Tuz
Warman, SK

I want to be a dreamer…
Sail on the waves of inspiration
Or build a house among the stars.

I want to learn how to fly…
Graze the edge of determination
Or face my deepest-rooted fears.

I want to be a healer…
Release the chains of hesitation
Or present hope to those with scars.

I want to experience all the world has to offer
Yet that cannot happen if I remain here forever
Sheltered by the limits I have placed on myself
To keep my entire being safe from the dangers
Waiting to shatter me like I am made of glass
Though only time will tell if they exist at all.
Fragile and afraid… to fearless renegade.
The discovery of a new age lies within
If I am willing to take that chance
And confront the unknown
Where I can learn to fly
Higher in the sky
Keep the dream alive.

No matter what lies ahead…
Maybe I will leave some lights behind
In case someone wants to follow.