Annual Photo Contest

Mensa Photography Competition

The search for the International Mensa Photographer of the Year 2022.

Each year, Mensa Canada holds a photography competition for its members. The winning entries from this competition are put forward to compete internationally for the title of Mensa International Photographer of the Year.

Every year has a different theme to inspire the photographers, with examples like shyness, what a wonderful world, and optical illusions.

Current contest deadlines and other rules are published below. Once the winners are announced, their photos will be added to the carousel below to enjoy.

The art of photography is an area where Mensans from over 50 countries with different languages, customs and traditions can converge with a single, visual language! Use your creativity, skills, and technical expertise to produce your entry in this year’s PhotoCup competition. 

The Mensa International
of the Year 2022
could be you!

Rules of the Competition for Participating Countries

  1. This competition is organized by the National Mensa of Mensa Canada as part of the International Project Convergence (IPC).
  2. The theme for 2022 is NATURE.
  3. There is no fee for entry into the Competition. The entrant must be a member in good standing of Mensa Canada for the duration of the competition.
  4. Photos should be in JPG format not exceeding 1 MB. Entries in the national competition must be received by June 23, 2022.
  5. Name, membership number and title of photograph should be included in the photo information/label or in the text of the email.
  6. The photos should be in .jpg format and e-mailed to
  7. Each entrant may submit up to three images only.
  8. All entries must be the sole work of the entrant.
  9. A Canadian Judging Panel will select the three best entries. Entries will be judged on the effectiveness of how they convey the theme as well as composition, technical and other considerations. The decision of the Judging Panel is final. The national winner will win the title of Mensa Canada Photographer of the Year 2022.
  10. The three best entries in each national Mensa competition will be included in the Mensa World PhotoCup judging competition run under the supervision of Mensa International.
  11. The closing date for the (International) Mensa World PhotoCup is August 20, 2022. The International winner (MIL Photographer of the Year 2022) will be selected by a professional judging panel, which will include the Mensa International Chairman ex-officio.
  12. Winning photographs will become part of the “Mensa IPC Collection” and will be exhibited at the Annual Gatherings and otherwise publicized, inside and outside Mensa.
  13. Entrants will retain copyright of their photos but will grant Mensa non-exclusive rights for publication in Mensa journals, on Mensa websites, on Photo SIG posters, for display in exhibitions, or other appropriate places as part of the Mensa IPC Collection without any financial reward to the contestant.
  14. Contestants agree that their name and country may be published nationally and internationally.
  15. By submitting entries for the competition, the entrant accepts all the conditions listed above.

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