Misconceptions in Astronomy: From Everyday Life to the Big Bang

Image of the Crab Nebula

John Percy, Professor (Emeritus) of Astronomy and Astrophysics and award-winning science educator at the University of Toronto, gave a talk on January 15, 2022, hosted by Kathleen Smith, Coordinator of the Toronto Mensa Inquiring Minds series. Dr. Percy focused on several common misconceptions about astronomy, defining a misconception as a fact that you know, that […]

The Cost of Poor Culture in the Workplace

Nick Shepherd, certified general accountant and professional management consultant, led a discussion for Toronto Mensa Inquiring Minds, hosted by Kathleen Smith, on November 21,2021, on the subject of the Cost of Poor Culture in the Workplace.  Nick discusses how poor workplace culture exposes an organization to a greater risk of financial surprises through unplanned actions […]

Come on an African Safari

Cape Buffalo in African Safari

Eric Matto, fellow Mensan and world traveller, took us on an African Safari in this Inquiring Minds  webinar hosted by Kathleen Smith on September 12, 2021.   Watch the video to see his fabulous photos and hear his mesmerizing commentary.

Mensa Canada Creativity Interviews: Marvyne Jenoff

Portrait of Marvyne Jenoff

Marvyne Jenoff, poet and fiction writer with several books to her credit, is featured in this interview (taped 2nd July 2021) with Kathleen Smith. Marvyne generously shares several of her poems with us and, along the way, tells us something of her life and her creative process.

Exploring the World with our Minds

Exploring the world with our minds

Intelligence is linked to the personality dimension known as Openness / Intellect. Watch Professor Colin DeYoung’s presentation, speaking at Toronto’s Inquiring Minds series in May 2021.

The Happiness Formula

True happiness

Warren MacKenzie presents The Happiness Formula, emphasizing that a happy life is not a life without problems, it is having the ability to deal with problems. This Inquiring Minds zoom webinar was hosted by Kathleen Smith on February 20, 2021.

Life in the Real Dubai

Dubai skyline

Peter Sells gave an invited zoom webinar to Toronto Mensa speaker event Inquiring Minds, hosted by Kathleen Smith, on August 29, 2020. About Peter Sells Peter lived and worked in Dubai for three years, and came to know the real Dubai in much more depth than any tourist ever could. He let us in on […]

Can He Do That?


Mensan and Lawyer Lynne Butler describes how she deals with sensitive estate issues and unwelcome surprises for survivors by framing questions carefully.