Join Mensa Canada

Please note that supervised testing has NOT been nationally suspended due to COVID, although some areas are. Supervised testing availability depends on the area, what their rules are and if the proctor is available. Please contact the proctor closest to your area to confirm.

Why Join Mensa?

Becoming a member of Mensa can add new dimensions to your life. Making new friends and finding intellectual stimulation are givens, but what may be even more important is the feeling of belonging that grows when you are surrounded by honest-to-goodness peers – people who are unique, yet paradoxically, are very much like you: inquisitive, fun-loving, open to new ideas and alternative viewpoints, and well-read.

Mensa Canada membership benefits include:

  • socializing & friendship
  • special interest groups
  • annual national & regional gatherings
  • networking / international contacts
  • newsletters and magazines
  • online discussion groups
  • puzzles
  • Mensa merchandise
  • an edge in career prospects
  • help for gifted children
  • annual scholarships for university students

How Do I Join?

To become a member of Mensa, you must be able to show you have an IQ higher than that of 98% of the world’s population. There are two ways to join: pass our entrance examination, or submit evidence of prior qualification. Please note the acceptable methods for payment of fees for each option. 

Nervous about sitting the entrance exam? Try the Mensa Workout over at the Mensa International site to work up your courage.


For candidates without prior evidence of eligibility we offer a supervised qualifying test for a fee of $90 ($70 for students with valid high school, college or university ID).

Anyone 10 years of age or older can take the test at group testing sessions held regularly in every major city across Canada. Candidates with qualifying scores are invited to join Mensa. Individuals under 10 years of age may join via the Prior Evidence method outlined below.

Candidates MUST contact the proctor BEFORE purchasing a test to confirm test availability. Test fees should be prepaid online, with proof of payment (PayPal receipt) shown to proctor at the test session. Prepaid test fees are valid for test sessions held within 1 year of date of purchase. If you require cheque or money order payment options, contact the National Office.

In all cases, you must contact your local test proctor in advance to reserve a seat at a testing session.

Note: A pictorial test is available for candidates not comfortable writing a test in English or French. Please inform the proctor of your preference well in advance of the test session.

Prior Evidence

If you have already written a qualifying IQ test, you may be eligible for membership without any further testing. Please check the Prior Evidence page for acceptable test scores and specific instructions. There is a $90 fee for evaluating evidence of prior testing. Once it is verified that you are qualified, you will be invited to join Mensa.

Membership Fees

  • Individuals: $75 (2 years $135)
  • Families: $95 (2 years $175)
  • Students: $50 (2 years $95)

Memberships expire on December 31st of each year. Online renewal is available for current members or for recently-lapsed members. Renewal fees paid by cheque or money order should be made payable to Mensa Canada, and sent to the national office.

Students must provide valid student ID, and be enrolled in full-time studies as of December 31 of the previous membership year.

Practice Test

Mensa Canada no longer offers the Home / Practice Test.  If you are not ready to take the official exam, you may practice by attempting the Mensa International Mensa IQ Challenge.