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Pre-Pay your test Online

You MUST contact the proctor for confirmation BEFORE purchasing a test. Only pay for your test after the proctor has confirmed your test date and location. Testing sessions in remote areas could be as much as 6 months apart. It is important that you and your proctor agree on scheduling before payment is made.

Once your testing appointment is confirmed, click the appropriate location below to pre-pay for the test. Please make sure that the location you select below matches your proctor’s location. The system will send automated payment confirmation to both you AND your proctor.

Test payments are to be used for the scheduled date and location. If there is an unforeseen emergency and the test cannot be taken, you may reschedule to the next test session. Test payments cannot be refunded, and are only valid for one year from the date of the originally scheduled test.


  • A child under 10 years of age. The tests we provide are not designed for, and cannot be used on, children under 10 years of age. Please engage a psychologist near you, who can administer one of the appropriate tests shown on our prior evidence page.
  • A surprise gift. The person may not be willing to take the test, or they may not be available at the date/time of the test session. 


If you cannot pay online, please contact the administration office for assistance at

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