Membership Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions

Members who are attempting to renew in the January or February immediately following the December 31st date when their membership expired are in the grace period and still able to renew as active members. See below for other FAQ questions which explain active member membership renewal.

Members whose membership expires December 31st of a given year, will receive reminder emails beginning in November. These reminder emails contain a link to an invoice and a payment page. Note that members who had renewed their membership will not receive these reminder emails.

No. The member is not required to login to the members area of the website. Clicking on the link in the reminder email takes the member directly to the payment page. However, if the member chooses not to click on links on the email, the member may login to the site to respond to the invoice.

No. There will be several email reminders sent from early November to late February. These email reminders will not be sent to members who had renewed earlier.

No. The automated membership renewal process generates an invoice with the members current membership type and duration. To change either the membership type or duration please contact the national office at

Members are encouraged to wait until November when the automated membership renewal process can be used.

Yes. There is a grace period until the end of February following their membership expiry date where members still have privileges (access to members area of the website, MC2, local newsletter) including being able to use the active member renewal process

Members who have not paid their membership dues will be automatically transitioned to lapsed member status and will no longer have member privileges.

Members who are lapsed more than two months since the December 31st of the year when they were last a paid-up member in good standing.

Active members and members who have lapsed for less than two months SHOULD NOT use the lapsed member renewal process. In the January and February following the December 31st where their membership expired, recently lapsed members can still use the active member renewal process.

A lapsed member must enter their first name, last name and email address as it was stored in the Mensa Canada membership database. If any of this information has changed then the lapsed member must contact the national office at to renew.

No. Active or lapsed members are strongly encouraged to use online renewals as they require less effort for the renewing member and the Mensa Canada national office. Active or lapsed members can always go through the national office to renew their membership

Mensa Canada membership card

If you prefer, you may renew your membership OFFLINE by downloading the MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM (English | French) and follow the instructions attached.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact