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Daily Crossword Puzzle

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1. A narrow wooden covered walkway, often forming part of a network of passages, connecting different parts of a fishing stage:
a) scolly   b) labrey   c) bridge

2. An undernourished harp seal pup was known as:
a) cull   b) bleater   c) supper

3. Large black sea-bird of the cormorant family:
a) squeal   b) coo-coo   c) shag

4. A small tin kettle with a large flat bottom tapering to a top and with a long narrow spout was called a:
a) buzaglo   b) spotter   c) bibby

5. Slight motion or undulation of the water:
a) wake b) wadden c) wag

6. A large biting mosquito:
a) garnipper   b) sticker   c) gasher

7. Day of the week on which meat and vegetables, cooked together in a ‘boiler’ or pot:
a) Pot day   b) Boiler day   c) Boil-up day

8. A soft-covered note-book with ruled pages used in school for class exercise:
a) writer   b) thingamajig   c) scribbler

9. Any of several species of beard-moss:
a) Dantooine   b) Alderaan   c) Moldow

10. A skew, slant or a slope:
a) scrag   b) scow-ways   c) tangler

Newfoundland General Trivia

1. When was the 1st game of hockey played?
a) 1904    b) 1949    c) 1896

2. The Population of St. John’s in 1991 was:
a) 85,000    b) 95,770    c) 100,555

3. Where was the Atlantic Charter signed?
a) St. John’s    b) Argentia    c) Corner Brook

4. Who wrote the ‘Ode To Newfoundland’?
a) Sir Cavendish Boyle    b) Sir Robert Bond   c) C. Hubert Parry

5. When was responsible government given to Newfoundland?
a) 1949    b) 1854    c) 1921

6. When was Memorial University created?
a) 1920    b) 1949    c) 1966

7. The name of the 1st Newfoundland Newspaper was:
a) The Evening Telegram    b) The Newfoundland Times    c) The Royal Gazette

8. When was the Annual Regatta first held?
a) 1850    b) 1879    c) 1828

9. When was the 1st fully equipped fire department established?
a) Janurary 1st, 1910    b)April 1st, 1949    c) July 8th, 1895

10. When did the Roman Catholic Church receive its Official recognition from Rome?
a) 1833    b) 1800    c) 1784

Newfoundland Geography Trivia

1. Where is the former French capital of Newfoundland?
a) Bay L’Argent    b) Placentia    c) Bonne Bay

2. Where is the Abitibi Price mill?
a) Grand Falls   b) Happy Valley-Goose Bay   c) Corner Brook

3. Where is Marble Mountain located?
a) St. John’s    b) Gambo    c) Corner Brook

4. How far is Bull Arm from St. John’s?
a) 100 km    b) 150 km    c) 200 km

5. Where was the site of John Cabot’s landfall?
a) Bonavista    b) Trinity Bay    c) St. John’s

6. What can be reached by a 45-minute ferry trip from Farewell to Man O’War Cove?
a) Bell Island    b) Tweed Island    c) Fogo Island

7. What community is located near Red Indian Lake?
a) Buchans   b) Grand Falls-Windsor   c) Pouch Cove

8. Where is one of the oldest river systems in North America?
a) St. Anthony   b) Manuels   c) Heart’s Content

9. Where was the first official settlement established in Newfoundland?
a) St. John’s    b) Bonavista    c) Cupids

10. Where did Sir Humphrey Gilbert land and claim Newfoundland for England?
a) St. John’s    b) Bonavista    c) Cupids

Bonus: Which of the following are NOT  real Newfoundland place names?

Deep Bight
Ankle Bight
Hibb’s Hole
Joe Batt’s Arm
Blow Me Down
Jerry’s Nose
Heart’s Delight
Heart’s Content
Heart’s Desire
Bad Bay
Gripe Point
Witless Bay
Confusion Bay
Earlybird Cove
Gutless Bay
Famish Gut


Newfoundland Linguistics Trivia

1. b) labrey
2. b) bleater
3. c) shag
4. c) bibby
5. c) wag
6. a) garnipper
7. a) Pot day
8. c) scribbler
9. c) Moldow
10. b) scow-ways

Newfoundland General Trivia

1. c) 1896
2. b) 95,770
3. b) Argentia
4. a) Sir Cavendish Boyle
5. b) 1854
6. b) 1949
7. c) The Royal Gazette
8. c) 1828
9. c) July 8th, 1895
10. c) 1784

Newfoundland Geography Trivia

1. b) Placentia
2. a) Grand Falls
3. c) Corner Brook
4. b) 150 km
5. a) Bonavista
6. c) Fogo Island
7. a) Buchans
8. b) Manuels
9. c) Cupids
10. a) St. John’s

Bonus: Which of the following are NOT real Newfoundland place names?

Ankle Bight
Earlybird Cove
Gutless Bay