Joining Mensa Canada

The qualification to join Mensa is having an IQ score at or above the 98th percentile of the population (i.e.: in the top 2%). 

For the purpose of joining Mensa, there are three acceptable ways to ascertain your IQ. You can:

  • Take a supervised Mensa entrance test at one of our testing sessions
  • Provide evidence of a prior qualifying score on an accredited test
  • Take an accredited test under the supervision of a private psychologist

Note: Mensa Canada no longer offers the Home Practice Test. If you are not ready to take the official exam, you may practice by attempting the Mensa International Mensa IQ Challenge.

Taking the Supervised Mensa Entrance Exam

How to Take the Test

The first step is to connect with our team of proctors, and arrange your testing session.

Pre-Pay for Your Test

Once your testing session is arranged, visit this page to make your payment online.

Submitting Scores From Another Test

Prior Evidence and Testing by Psychologists

If you have received a qualifying score on one of our accepted alternate tests, you don’t have to write the supervised Mensa exam in order to join. All you need to do is provide official proof of your qualifying score.