Prior Evidence

Providing Prior Evidence

If you have already written a qualifying IQ test, you may be eligible for membership without any further testing!

Alternatively, you can still take a qualifying standardized IQ test (see below) at a private psychology clinic near you.

Having trouble finding a local test provider? Try searching for intelligence assessment tests near meorcognitive aptitude assessment near me“.

If you have already taken a qualified IQ test and have evidence of achieving a high enough score, you may be able to join Mensa Canada without attending one of our supervised exam sessions. A list of accepted tests and their respective required scores is below. This procedure can be used by candidates of all ages, especially those under 10 years of age (who are not eligible to take our regular entrance exam).

Please note that Mensa Canada does not accept any test taken over the Internet as prior evidence for admission purposes.  All testing must have been given through a school, psychologist, or licensed agency.  Mensa Canada’s Constitution requires that any test be standardized and given under supervision by a qualified individual. Unsupervised online tests do not meet these criteria.

The test results documentation must include the full name of the test, the score and percentile rank. This documentation must be on institution/agency/clinic letterhead and signed by the psychologist responsible for the testing. If your test was given by an individual psychologist, the documentation must also include the psychologist’s license/certification number issued by the province/state in which the psychologist practices. SAT rest results must be on the adminstering agency’s letterhead.

The test taker’s name on the documentation must match the name on the application. If it is different for some reason, documentation must be included. For example, a copy of a government document can be used to show a new married name.

We also accept results of tests taken to join Mensa in other countries. The prior evidence certification to provide in this case is the letter of invitation from the other national Mensa with test results shown.

To apply for membership using prior evidence, please forward the following to the Mensa Canada administration office:

  1. Your official results (scan, original, or photocopy)
  2. Duly filled Prior Evidence Application form (download the form here)
  3. The required $90 fee (cheque or money order made payable to Mensa Canada, or your credit card type, number and expiry date)

Once your score is confirmed as meeting Mensa requirements, you will be invited to join Mensa Canada.

Examples of qualifying test scores are below. For tests not listed, or any other questions, please contact the office.


Many intelligence test scores will qualify you for Mensa, but Mensa’s supervisory psychologists will have to individually appraise the documentation. 

Almost any test with “achievement” in the title is not acceptable for Mensa admission. 

Mensa Canada does not accept unsupervised testing as proof of eligibility, specifically unsupervised testing administered electronically or via Internet-based tests.