2019 Annual Literary Contest

2nd Place

Mahesh Gopalan

Three, two, one,
She was on, she read
her lines, then flashed
a brittle smile, at the
bright cameras, implying
with her green eyes, that
this misery won’t last, but
its just early December, and
that betrayed her warmth.

Miles away, warm coffee
in hand, metaphor of a
crumbling life, the fake
contrived smile, failed
to pass muster, of her
keen-eyed mom, who
learnt by now, how Rob
had left, shattering her
baby’s tender heart.

Months passed, burying
the sad past, she opted
to live life anew, quietly
reading her lines, and when
the equinox arrived, Spring
has sprung, she announced
with a warm sunny smile, at the
bright cameras, and seeing
the crow feet now form, mom
was truly happy for her.