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There is more to Mensa Canada on the internet than its website! Are you missing out on all the Mensa Canada information and discussions available through social media because you are not familiar with it?

This basic introduction will help you easily access Mensa Canada on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn, even if you are new to them.

Facebook logo


Facebook is used by millions of people and groups worldwide to keep in touch and communicate with their friends. To go to the Mensa Canada page on Facebook, just click or type in:

Note that you can read the whole page and click on the links even if you are not a member of Facebook or have not signed in. However, you will need to join Facebook if you want to “Like” the Mensa Canada page (please do!) or to interact in other ways as you become more familiar with Facebook.

To sign up for Facebook, go to Under ‘Sign Up’, enter your name, email address and a password of your choosing (it should not be the same as your email password), your birthdate and your gender. You may be prompted to provide a photo, but this is not necessary, especially when you are just getting started. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button to get started! Once you’re signed up, go to Make sure to click the ‘Like’ button on our page to receive our updates.

For more help with the many features of Facebook, go to:

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Twitter tweets (expressions of thoughts, opinions, facts, just about anything) are characterized by their brevity: no more than 280 characters allowed. However, tweets can include URLs that link to more information as well as photos and videos.

To see Mensa Canada’s tweets, go to:

To see Mensa Canada’s technology Twitter feed, go to:

As with Facebook, you do not need to have a Twitter account to see Mensa Canada’s tweets. If you sign up, you will be able to ‘Follow’ Mensa Canada on Twitter (this means that you will see the latest Mensa Canada tweets whenever you sign into your Twitter account). Just click the ‘Sign up’ button and provide your name, email address, a Twitter username and password. From this point on, your chosen Twitter username will be preceded with an ‘@’, e.g. @johndoe.

For more help with Twitter, go to:

LinkedIn Logo


LinkedIn is an online career networking site and the home to  Mensa Canada’s Members Only discussion group. To join the Mensa Canada LinkedIn group and participate in the online discussions, go to:

If you are new to LinkedIn, you will have to create an account. To create an account, go to, and enter your name, email and desired password in the appropriate fields. Click the ‘Join Now’ button to get started, then apply to join the group at:

Please note this group is exclusively for current members of Mensa Canada. When you ask to join the group, your membership will be verified by a moderator before your join request is approved.

For more help with the many features of LinkedIn, go to:

LinkedIn also offers webinars that teach you how to use the product:

Google Plus Logo


Google+ is part of the Google suite of applications. While Facebook is about friends and Twitter is about followers, Google+ is about circles of individuals and groups defined by you.

To access the Mensa Canada Google+ page, go to:

If you are new to Google, you will need a Google+ account. To create your account, go to You will be redirected to a login page with an orange “Create An Account” button. Click the button, and follow the directions.

For more introductory information and help on Google+:


Having trouble using any of the social media sites? Google will be your best friend. Just Google your question / problem, whether it’s a general question like ‘how to use Twitter’, something more specific such as ‘How to retweet tweets that I like?’ or even a technical difficulty you’ve encountered. YouTube videos are especially good for ‘how-to’ demos.

If you are not sure how to word your search in Google, just type in your question the same way that you would ask a person for help.

If you are still having trouble connecting, contact a member of the Mensa Canada Social Media Team the old-fashioned way, and send an email to

We look forward to seeing you online!