What’s New?

We Built This Website From The Ground UP

We have transitioned our websites from https://mensacanada.org to https://mensa.ca.

It took us longer than we expected but here were are — a brand new website. It’s not just a brand new website for Mensa Canada but also brand new websites for our local groups. As you can imagine with all new websites, there could still be a bit of a problem here and there. Let us know if you come across any by sending an email to webmaster@mensacanada.org

Oh one more thing … we are changing only the website URL (https://mensa.ca) for now. Our email address remains with @mensacanada.org for the moment.

Fresh New Look, Better Navigation, And FASTER!

We try to keep the familiar look and feel but with a fresh new interface. We think it’s more intuitive and not to mention, prettier.

The menu system will help you navigate the website better. You can also use the new search function to quickly get to what you are looking for.

More importantly, it’s much faster.

Mensa Canada website is bilingual English and French

We Are Canadian -- English and French

The website is not only in English but is also in French. The website will try to auto-detect your preferred language and present you the website accordingly.

This bilingual capability is not only available in the National Website but also in our local websites in Quebec.

We realize the translation is not always perfect but please let us know if any needs fixing.

Check Out What's Happening Around The Country

We have lots of events happening around the country. Check out what is happening in your local area. 

Note that for most of the events, you have to be a member to look at the details of each event.

We will also post public testing events here from time to time. Why not join Mensa Canada and be part of the fun!

Membership Has Its Privileges

If you are a member of Mensa Canada, you should check out the new Member’s Area.

Update your profile, connect with fellow Mensans, find out who’s who in Mensa Canada, how to get involved and lots more.

And oh, you can now access not only the MC2 national newsletters but you can also read the local newsletters from around the country. We are working on loading all past editions over time — all 900+ of them!

New Local Websites Mensa Canada

Don't Forget Our Local Websites Too!

Most of our local websites have also been refreshed. Remember to check them out too. Just scroll to the bottom of the page for the list of local websites.

There are more changes but we’ll let you discover them yourselves.

Have fun!